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Advantages & Importance of Corporate Retirement Plans

We are fiduciary asset managers acting in your best interest. We believe that our value is second-to-none, but the fee for that value needs to be capped. We know keeping our fees and all the plan fees reasonable is the best way to serve your plan participants.

Defines Long-Term Goals

The retirement plan is the gauge that tells an employee if they can retire or not. It is the main long-term goal planner for employees.

Encourages Better Decision-Making

The retirement plan gives an employee somewhere to put their money before they get their hands on it. Most employees recognize they need to be saving and the plan helps with that decision.

Establishes Budgets

The tools on the plan websites and the tools we give them as the advisor help employees start to understand finances. We help them create budgets and understand their cash flow.

Prevents Ambiguity (Fees)

Too many articles have been written about the hidden fees in retirement plans not to address them with employees. I find the more transparent the fees are, the more the employees understand and trust the reason to save.

Improves Operational Efficiency

Having a plan that runs the way it should, helps improve operational efficiency. We help show how retirement plans are the driver for payroll, healthcare, and workers’ compensation. All these benefits need to be looked at together and not in a vacuum. The retirement plan will help keep all these costs in check as the employee base ages.

Measures Success

As advisors on the plan, we constantly benchmark our progress to make sure we are moving the needle towards a better retirement for the plan participants.

The Path Toward a Corporate Retirement Plan

Corporate Retirement Plan Services

With a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to assisting with corporate retirement plan design, we bring decades of knowledge and experience that have guided organizations of every size.


    We spearhead the process of forming a retirement committee. We formally do this by signing paperwork that establishes By-Laws, Conflicts of Interest, Fiduciary Acknowledgement, and Assignment of Officers.


    We get our hands dirty in areas that other advisors do not want to go. We help with student debt, help with credit, work on getting overall debt in order, discuss college savings, emergency funds, social security, and offer complimentary consultations. We have a website,, dedicated to our mission of helping people understand money.


    Getting the plan document correct is one of the most important parts of the plan process. We work with many plans and see many different options. We help guide you to develop the plan that is right for your employees.. We will make sure the document is an extension of your vision of the perfect plan.


    We always hear that the fees have to be reasonable in light of the services offered. As plan fiduciaries, we make sure that our fees are always in line. We will discuss those fees at all committee meetings, and we will cap our fees once our hourly rate is met. We do not keep making more money based on increased plan assets.


    What do capped fees mean? It means that we have an amount per plan that we need to make to be profitable. As soon as we reach that amount, we cap our fee so that no more is charged beyond that fee. We have all the fees spelled out to show our committee members. We are plan fiduciaries, and we take that role very seriously.


    We do not sell any product, so we do not have any specific provider that we must use. We look at your plan, your interests, and our knowledge to help guide the committee to the best provider option. Sometimes the plan can stay right where it is and just make some adjustments, but sometimes a change is needed. We work with you to decide which is best for your situation.

The Financial Future Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Strategic Path offers Literacy Programs for better retirement planning and strategies for your team. These topics help employers and employees feel more confident about their retirement planning process.

Planning for your financial future with effective Corporate Retirement Planners doesn’t have to be complicated. As an owner or CFO of a mid-size business, human resource director of a large corporation, or executive director of a non-profit, your business and its employees have unique needs. Not only are you planning for the future of your business, but you are also planning for your employee’s future.

Your employees are the reason for your success.

Literacy Programs

  • Understanding 401K Plans – IRA’s –Pensions
  • Budgeting is a Necessity
  • Get Credit Right
  • Financial Literacy 1-2-3
  • Financial Planning Basics
  • First Time Home Buying
  • Understanding Credit Reports & Scores
  • Transitioning into Retirement
  • Optimizing Social Security
  • A Non-Financial Look at Retirement (Where is your time spent?)

Literacy Programs are typically scheduled as one-hour workshops over lunch to accommodate the greatest participation from your employees. Request more information today.

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