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Olan | Client Planning Coordinator | Strategic Path Retirement

Olan Malcolm

Client Planning Coordinator

When he’s not on an airplane traveling to Europe to see his girlfriend, Olan can be found either inside of the gym, on a basketball court, or a local sports field somewhere. He has three other siblings that keep him busy in all aspects of life – helping with technological issues and homework being some of them.

This is Olan’s first full-time job out of college. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December of 2022. He has a diverse work history, ranging from working food festivals to being a swimming pool technician. Olan began his schooling at Duquesne University as a biochemistry and biotechnology major in hopes to be a cancer researcher, but after a semester of Bohr diagrams, he knew he was not going to enjoy the next seven and a half years of school that were ahead of him. Knowing that, he not only changed his major to economics, but he also transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. He figured if he could not cure cancer, maybe he could figure out how to get the nation out of debt. His dad being in the finance industry and himself always being interested in the market drew him towards economics, which was somewhat of a middle ground.

Olan believes that transparency and trustworthiness are two of the best traits someone in this line of work can have.

Olan’s credentials include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Pittsburgh (Summa Cum Laude)

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